All sheet material is sold by the square foot and cut to your specifications.

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Acrylic Sheets

The uses for acrylic sheet are endless. Acrylic provides long lasting beauty and durability for thousands of applications. Acrylic is used for everything from point of purchase display to machine guards and everything in between. Working with acrylic sheet is easy. No more difficult than wood and a lot more versatile. Acrylic provides the user with a quality medium that produces professional results.

CYRO's ACRYLITE FF Acrylic Sheet

ACRYLITE FF sheet is a continuously manufactured acrylic sheet. It is produced by an innovative extrusion process, resulting in a sheet offering easy handling and processing, along with the high optical characteristics and low stress levels normally expected in cast materials.
Acrylic FF provides excellent durability and light weight. At half the weight of glass ACRYLITE FF sheet withstands many times the impact of glass at a similar thickness.

CYRO's ACRYLITE GP Acrylic Sheet

ACRYLITE GP sheet is continuous cast material providing the most exacting material for high grade fabrication and cast quality pieces. Cast material is used on museum quality and award pieces where extra hardness and top notch edge finishing is required. ACRYLITE GP sheet is also the right material for oven and heat forming applications.

CYRO's ACRYLITE OP3 Acrylic Sheet

ACRYLITE OP3 sheet filters 98 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays (below 400 nanometers) to help prevent artwork, photos, historic documents, prints and tapestries from fading due to UV degradation.

CYRO's ACRYLITE P-99 Acrylic Sheet

Anti-Glare P-99 Acrylic SheetACRYLITE P-99 sheet was specifically developed for the framing industry to eliminate glare. Its matte finish minimizes reflection for glare free viewing and enjoyment. ACRYLITE P-99 sheet has great versatility for a myriad of designs and applications. It can be cut, bent, drilled, and polished like any acrylic. It can also be screened and painted making it excellent product for the sign industry.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheet is an extremely versatile material for jobs requiring high impact strength and durability. Polycarbonate sheet is manufactured in the same exacting process as Acrylic sheet and can be cut, machined, glued, and screened just like acrylic.


Sintra is the premier material for signage, displays, screening or any application that requires a lightweight durable colored material. It is an expanded closed cell PVC that can be formed, cut, or bent like acrylic. Its easy-to-fabricate characteristics make the #1 material in the sign industry.

Available in a wide array of sizes and colors, Sintra is the ideal substrate for your next project.